Starting A Blog Is Actually Difficult!

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Sometimes simple things can be difficult, no? I could literally talk about anything what can put people down, but in this case I want to talk about the difficulties I’m facing in blogging. Personally, I like to think that there is not a single writer in the world who hadn’t had the problem of not knowing what to write about. And many people like myself who are just starting out their writing career don’t even know where to begin so they don’t bother even trying.

So here’s a little fact: excists at this point since over a year with just a handful of posts. And by now you probably know why:

To get inspiration to write something is actually really difficult!

I don’t know if this is any different for experienced writers because I don’t know any personally. But I can understand people now who say that writing can actually be really difficult to pick up. Not only do you need to be able to come up with something people are interested in but you also need to somehow wrap the information you want to give in words and sentences that are appealing to the audience you want to reach.

And here I’m struggling myself. I spent hours and days to set up this blog with all the possible designs, plugins, themes and all the legal matters you need to care about but now I’m done and satisfied. So what now?

What topics should I cover in this blog? And what are people interested in? What am I interested in myself? These are things I don’t know but willing to dedicate myself to find out!

Many people are able to give their blog a name that fits their interests and the topics they want to cover but for myself I cannot do that. That’s actually the reason for the slogan „What is actually going on?“ because I actually do not know. So I’m here to find out and I would be excited if you would tag along with me.

Ultimately I would like you to

Come back to Slapsmash from time to time to see what changed and maybe we find common interests along the way.

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