TOP 10 Weird Websites Found Online (Update 2017)

Bored? Are you really that bored right now? Then don not look any further cause right here is the list of TOP 10 Weird Websites Found Online (Update 2017)!




Is EXACTLY what you think it is? Don’t know where your mouse is? This website will help you find it with a different funny picture for EVERY place your mouse can be. 


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2. Staggering Beauty (SEIZURE WARNING)

One of the most well known websites when it comes to weirdness is Staggering Beauty. Click the link and immediately get greeted by a black worm. You will be instructed to „shake vigorously“ and that is exactly what you should try. By shuffling your mouse around you are able to move the worm very quickly, you will be surprised what will happen!


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Well, what can I say about this one… Didn’t everyone think at one point: “Damn, I’d love to slap this guy with a slimy fish!”
No? Well now you can! On!


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This is a very eerie website! Collapsing colors and a noise that makes it sound as they would fall lower and lower but actually don’t? What?


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Do you love the sound of rain? Then this site is for you! 


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Ever feeling low but none is around to hug you? Visit and get hugged by thousands of pople all around the world!


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Do you belong to those persons that randomly go to google maps, enable street view and go to the streets of a place they have never visited before? puts you to a completely new and random place every time you press the Go! button on top of the page.


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Sites like this exist all over the internet. This website zooms infinitely into a picture. 


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Honestly, when you still don’t know what do how about you go for a walk? Hm? helps you exactly with that. By allowing the site to see your location it will pick a random place not that far from you and tells you to go there? If thats not enough motivation to go out?


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Look… If you came this far and still didn’t find anything else to do then this is the PERFECT site for you. When you are already doing nothing you can also watch grass grow. Yes you heard correctly. This site lets you watch growing grass in someones garden via live cam.


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