The Useless Web (

You might have already seen my posts about TOP 10 Weird Websites Found Online (Update 2017). But┬ápage takes a bit of a different approach. Instead of just having one particular page, this website is designed to automatically put you on a completely unique and crazy website every time you press the big pink “PLEASE” button in the middle.
With its very simple design and way of use the site offers an easy access to different weird websites all over the internet.


The Way Of Use

By pressing the “PLEASE” button in the middle just below the “TAKE ME TO A USELESS WEBSITE“, the websites forwards the user to a different weird website stored in its archive.


The Bottom Line

The is an attractive way to kill slow time at work or whenever you are bored. Although the website doesn’t have an incredible amount of different websites to offer, it still takes a while till you have seen all of the possible website the site can refer you too.


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